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WinSDR to Earthworm Overview

Created Dec. 12 2005 by Larry Cochrane


WinSDR to Earthworm (ws2ew.exe) is a way of receiving digitized data in real-time using TCP/IP from the Webtronics WinSDR datalogger to  Earthworm. This module runs under Windows 2000 or XP and produces demultiplexed data to one of the transport data rings. WinSDR must be setup to act as a TCP/IP data server. Ws2Ew acts as a client to receive, demultiplexe  and send data to one of the Earthworm transport rings. This module is similar to the LISS2EW client that comes with the Earthworm release package. WinSDR is the Windows based datalogger for the 16-Bit 8-Channel PSN-ADC-SERIAL Analog to Digital board. 

This module was built using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. The program (ws2ew.exe) has been tested using Earthworm versions 6.2 and 6.3.

To use this module you first need to enable the WinSDR server feature. See the WinSDR documentation for more information. You will also need to set the TCP/IP port number (default=16064) and note the IP address of the server, the sample rate and the number of channels being recorded. All of this information is needed in the ws2ew.d configuration file. If the sample rate or number of channels are incorrect, the program will write an error message in the log file and exit.

Data Time Stamping:

All data is time stamped at the WinSDR server side. WinSDR can use various methods to time stamp the data including GPS, WWV or the computer's system time. 

See the link below for a list of commands used to control the WinSDR to Earthworm module.

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