Pickup Coil and Magnet for Lehman Sensor

Last Updated: 8/23/10

Pickup Coil:

The pickup coil is extracted from a new 220 VAC relay. We then add a 5 foot shielded audio cable with a RCA plug at the end. At the coil end we solder the audio cable to the coil and then hot glue the cable to the coil. This is done so that the very small wires out of the coil will not break. The coil has over 10,000 turns and a DC resistance of around 9,000 ohms. The diameter is 23 mm (15/16) and is 17 mm (11/16) wide.
Cost: $20.00


The magnet is rated at 22 lbs of pull. The dimensions of the magnet are: 25 mm (1 inch) high, 40 mm (1 9/16) wide. The open end of the magnet is 21 mm (13/16) wide. This gives approximately 2 mm (~1/16) on each side of 17 mm (11/16) wide coil when placed inside or near the edge of the magnet. This magnet (you will need two of them) can also be used for damping.
Cost: $20.00
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