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Subject: Re: Comma's
From: meredith lamb mlamb1@..........
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 09:19:38 -0800

n0cwr@......... wrote:

> I do a save it saves the file my network drive but when I use Winquake
> (v2.4)
> it shows the file with a comma in front and won't read the data.
> By going in and looking at the files and even trying to rename they show
> no comma at the start in DOS or WINNT, but they still end up showing a
> comma at the start of the filename in Winquake and naturally can't be read.
> I guess because it's not the right filename ,000101D.ks1
> Kevin


I figure it must be a Y2K computer problem.  My old (circa
1993?) Packard Bell computer does essentially the same thing
but with the addition of a digit: ,1000101a.ml1

It did crash on the stroke of Y2K, even though it had a patch,
but Packard Bell said it wouldn't be able to keep running
constantly with a program that runs all the time.

Same results, the floppy names can't be changed via the
normal name change route, and the Winquake program says
its not there, and pressing the issue crashes the program.

There maybe some kind of work-a-round, but the only one I
can think of (for future use) is too reset the computer clock to
the year 1976 (could be 1978), where the dates match the year
2000.  One could then possibly see the data, but, whether the
floppy date can be then changed, and then successfully
submitted as a PSN event is conjecture for me at this time.
Your present Canadian quake is probably "scrap" (me too),
but future quakes "maybe" readable.

Unfortunately I'am no computer whiz, so, other means maybe
available....but the experience is wholly lacking to suggest
anything otherwise.

Of course, getting another computer thats compliant is

Outside of this setback,  Happy New Year anyway.....

Meredith Lamb


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