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Subject: Re: Comma's
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@.......
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 09:57:50 -0800

Hi All --

My Winquake v2.68 (under NT4 SP3) and SDR v2.71 (under Win95) seem to be
working just fine.  I've retrieved several event files and replay requests
from SDR via network with Winquake with no problems.  These include events
before and after the date rollover.  I didn't try one spanning the
rollover.  My SDR machine is using UTC with no offset.

I don't know if this is related, but in that ASCII table, a comma is 44
(decimal) and '0' is 48.

My SDR machine is an old 486 (Shuttle motherboard).  I did some Y2K testing
a while back and found that if I turned the machine off just prior to the
rollover, then turned it on just after and reset the date in BIOS,
everything works just fine.  You might try rebooting the computer and
setting the date using BIOS setup.

In earlier testing, I found that an older version of SDR will erase its
saved data files if the system date is vastly different from the date of
the data files.  Such as if the system date is 1980 and the data files are
1999.  Larry may have changed this in more recent versions.

One trick to renaming files is to copy the file to a floppy disk and make
sure the file you want to rename is the only one on the floppy.  Then use
the DOS command  

REN *.* newname.ext

This will rename the file even if the name contains illegal characters.  We
used to do this in the old DOS days if a filename got corrupted.

If someone wants to send me a file, I'll be happy to try to read it with
Winquake.  Send it to me directly, not to the list.


At 05:11 PM 1/1/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>I don't think I am detecting any problems with any other files.
>I've just come back in and tried a few things. All else looks ok.
>Other file saves are fine. 
>All other files seem to execute through the network when I run them off the
>PC when running the SDR PC on GUI Win95.
>At this point I just don't think I am detecting any problems with any 
>other files.
>It seems that I can do everything file-wise with this WIN95 (the SDR OS)
>and then be able to work with them on either the other network WIN95 or
>WINNT PC. Floppy transfer or via network.
>And the clock does appear ok.
>I also have a WIN3.11 PC on the network, but it doesn't have any Winqake
>or SDR software on it, so I haven't tried it with these files.
> thinking is that the problem may be with the way SDR is saving the
>only and the way it is being read by Winquake.  
>With the comma, one of the first things I considered was some sort of virus.
>Maybe changing the way Winquake viewed these files with some sort of extra
>data inserted by a virus. But Norton Anti Virus comes up clean
>with yesterdays updates.
>I have in my mind that we may not be alone on this, and bet as soon as
>Larry comes alive from last night he may be able to point us to a fix. 
>Here's hoping anyway. I'm really thinking that for some reason SDR is writing
>it's file in a way that Winquake interpets it wrong. (sounds like a virus
>doesn't it)
>Like adding a string to the file! 
>I've pumped in some breakfast and buckets of coffee so now I've got to go
>help a guy install a DSS dish. Will keep my fingers crossed for that easy
>fix! Bet I sleep like a baby tonight! A bit sleep deprived.
>If anyone has Winquake functioning, I'd like to send them my file to
>see if they can read it. I did considered just sending it to PSN but maybe
>a bit dangerous to see if it would convert there ok to html. Better to test
>Happy New Year all.
>At 09:39 AM 1/1/00 -0800, you wrote:
>>Y2K non-compliant computers additional note.
>>Apparently Microsoft Windows doesn't go back year wise
>>to 1976.  However the year 1983 matches the month of
>>January 2000.  One might have to reset the year date to
>>match the month for 2000 every month, via the Windows
>>Date/Time function.
>>I would think recording, and then changing the dates would
>>work (for submission to PSN event files).
>>Meredith Lamb
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