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Subject: Re: Comma's
From: n0cwr@.........
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 20:54:22 +0000

Thanks for checking Karl.
Those were the right files.
In that case! I am totally confused.

No. The files look fine in everything except when I look at
them with Winquake 2.4 using two different PC's. They appear
when viewed in Winquake. I don't see a thing wrong with
the file name in DOS or WIN OS's.

So now I'm wondering, what does this mean?
I'm confused and will have to think about this some more.

I hope you don't mind.
I'm going to cc: this to the list so that other(s) with
trouble might see. May need to get more info from other user just
responded with same trouble.
thanks again.

At 12:29 PM 1/1/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Kevin --
>The files attached to your email were 000101a.ks1 and 000101b.ks1.  I don't
>know if you tried to send the ones that started with a comma, but when they
>got here they had no comma in the file name.
>I can open both files just fine with Winquake (v2.6.8).  Both appear to be
>identical, starting at 11:20:36 on 1/1/00.
>If the filenames you sent started with commas, you might try sending the
>files to yourself via email.  Maybe that'll strip the commas off.
>Next interesting thing:  I renamed the files (using NT4 SP3) and added a
>comma to the beginning of both the file names.  Winquake still opened the
>files without complaint, comma and all.  I've attached a .GIF file, which
>is a screen dump of Winquake with the ,000101a.ks1 file open.  Maybe your
>files have more than just a comma at the start.  Maybe there are some
>hidden characters too.  Do you have a program that can do a hex dump of
>sectors on a disk.  If you could look at the directory entry on a floppy
>for the file in question, you might be able to see more there than meets
>the eye.
>I seriously doubt that these files contain a contageous virus, since these
>aren't executable files and I don't think anyone would bother trying to
>make a virus for event files that could affect Winquake in such a way as to
>cause it to write bogus files.
>Be happy to work more on it later.  I'll be in and out for most of the
>afternoon. here.
>At 07:57 PM 1/1/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>>Thanks Karl!
>>Just got back home.
>>Lets try it and see what the file looks like to you.
>>Here's two saves. They look fine everywhere but Winquake 2.4.
>>SDR2.7 did the file save.
>>Winquake sees ,000101b.ks1 and ,000101a.ks1 and when you try to open
>>them it says ",000101b.ks1 was not found. (Of course! because DOS
>>WINNT4.0 SP3 or WIN95 SP1 see it as 000101b.ks1.
>>I ran NAV on these PC's. But please be sure to check them with your AV
>>I still am wondering about some Y2K virus writing a string to the files and
>>Winquake interpretating the file name differently.
>>I hate to think of updating motherboards. This WINNT pc is using a 166 and
>>it's the fastest PC in the house! There's just got to be a software fix.
>>Thanks Kevin
>>At 09:57 AM 1/1/00 -0800, you wrote:
>>>If someone wants to send me a file, I'll be happy to try to read it with
>>>Winquake.  Send it to me directly, not to the list.
>>Attachment Converted: "C:\Eudora\Karl's\attach\000101b.ks1"
>>Attachment Converted: "C:\Eudora\Karl's\attach\000101a.ks1"
>Attachment Converted: "F:\DOWNLOADS\wqfile.gif"


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