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Subject: Re: Comma's
From: n0cwr@.........
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 23:53:16 +0000

I found a way to open my files.
Try this.
Right click on the file.
Tell it to open.
It will bring up the usual list.
Winquake isn't there.
Click other
then bring up Winquake.
I told it to use this all the time for .ks1
Why not?
Now it will open the files. 
Why? I've got to think a bit what this means?
I still can't open them through Winquake even 
after modify header and saving , but at 
least I can access my data. Happy, but....
Things like this drive me crazy!

At 12:49 PM 1/1/00 -0700, David wolny wrote:
>I too recorded the Quebec event.  I can see it in SDR, but Winquake won't
>read the file.  That darn comma at the front of the file name.  I tried
>renaming the file but to no avail.  I have SDR running in DOS on an old
>486.  Strange, the computer has the date correctly, 01/01/2000.  I guess I
>will try Karl's suggestion of renaming the file in the DOS program.
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