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Subject: Comma problem
From: Larry Cochrane cochrane@..............
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 16:00:19 -0800


Unfortunately theres not much I can do about the problem if you are running
old software. If you are having any Y2K problems please run the current
releases of SDR and WinQuake. The current version of SDR is 2.71 and
WinQuake 2.6 is in beta and ready for a full release. I'm holding off
making the official 2.6 release for a few more weeks to make sure there
aren't any Y2K problems lurking around in the code. 

I realize this is going to cause some problems with people still running
the old Windows 3.1 OS since the new WinQuake release will only run under
Win9X, Win NT and Win2k. Given the amount of time I can devote to software
design and maintenance, I just don't the time needed to support both 16 and
32 bit versions.

If you are running the new versions of my software and see any problems
please let me know. I'm running two SDR systems both with Y2K problems when
they first boot up. So far I haven't seen any problems, but I haven't
reboot the systems yet. I'm pretty sure all I will have to do is set the
time at the DOS prompt and restart SDR. I have a Y2K fix it board that I
bought awhile back that I will install in one of my system. Since one of
the systems acts as a time server, it keeps it's time accurate using WWV,
I'm thinking of adding a little more code to SDR so that the year month and
day are sent over the serial port so that the other system can set the
proper date when it first starts up. Currently only the hour, minute,
seconds and milliseconds are sent over the RS-232 serial port.

-Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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