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Subject: Re: Comma's
From: meredith lamb mlamb1@..........
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 10:14:16 -0800

"David A. Nelson" wrote:

> unfortunately we have a bunch of SDR's in NZ that wont run the later
> versions of SDR
>   we are using ver1.8  which is the latest version that can be run
>   anothe fix for this comma problem would be appreciated as we cant get
> our files into winquake
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> New Zealand
> Public Seismic Network
>                         Dave A. Nelson   ZL4TBN
>                         23 Duncan St.,
>                         Dunedin,
>                         South Is.. New Zealand.

Hi Dave,

I'd still try one gambit with older SDR recording computers,
and that is too just use a year date the computer can work with.
Then change the event file date later on your Winquake file
reading computer.

I'd strongly suggest reformatting the old drive and entering in a
year date as old as the computer itself, and, a year date
MONTH that matchs 2000 itself.  If you need to change year
date thereafter, one must use a year date beyond the bios
I think (or it will likely crash).

1976 I think matches the year 2000 for each month.  If the
computer doesn't accept that, one will have to consult the
Windows "date/time" calender for a month that matches 2000.
Currently Windows 95 system shows the years 1983 and 1994
as only matching the month of January 2000.

Of course another method is too do the above, leave the
system running as is, and take careful note of the files date
as related too the real date...then change the files data date.

Very inconvenient approach....but it might work until other
reparations arrive, or, newer systems can be obtained.  Yes,
this is nothing new......but I don't see any other approach
magically fixing old systems otherwise.  I don't think anyone
or a program will arrive concerning older systems in this
regard normally.

Meredith Lamb


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