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Subject: A "wonder magnet" really is...
From: meredith lamb mlamb1@..........
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2000 15:08:13 -0800

Hi all,

Looking at Wondermagnets products I see item #16 as a
mystery magnet....I can't envision what it was ever used for?

I've seen these before and they are basically two thick sheets
of ferrite glued together and (sometimes) painted.  Essentially
they are 2 magnets together or using another phrase they are a
4 pole magnet.  Although somewhat "U" shaped, with a
semi-circular cut-out, the conflicting fields present problems
with uses like seismic instruments.......they are way too big to
handle anyway.  The center cutout offers no outstanding field
as is.  Nothing is known of any accessory soft iron core
material exactly.  Robert Lamb says he's seen them with a
backing plate, and, with a plate that covers roughly the
circumference of the hole with two magnets.

They almost look like they were originally designed to go
part way around a pipe (roughly 3.7" diameter).  Some kind of
plumbing use?  Some kind of early day accelerator use?
Dinosaur (cow) pill from swallowing magnetic metorites?
OK.....OK....I get carried away....ha.

Carry on with your computer glitches....

Meredith Lamb


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