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Subject: Fwd: Mystery1.jpg
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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 15:51:24 EST

Additional info on the subject item. Very interesting.  Hope someone can 
figure this out.

Hi there...

Thank you for your email.... here is my layman's (woman's) description of this
mystery object.

Made of brass, the main tube is 7 inches long, it has three legs that unfold
from the base, independent of each other. (I believe so it can be made level on
any surface.)

There is a smaller brass tube suspended inside the main tube.  There are cross
hairs at the top, a rather thick metal cross with a conical type center that is
about a 1/2inch in depth.

The glass viewing lens at the top is gimbaled.  I do not believe this to be a
microscope as the magnification is very slight.

When looking in, you see the bottom of the inner brass tube.  It is silvered
with etched concentric circles. You can also see 4, equally spaced screws
jutting inwards from the tube about half way down.

There is a slide lever on the outer tube (near the bottom) to raise and lower
the inner tube, however it is stiff.  It is much easier to twist the outer
tube and the lever slides accordingly.

There is also an inner glass tube which forms the windows, this glass tube
slides up, I assume to allow access to the inside.   There are holes in the
brass tube which appear to allow for the glass to be held up in place if needed
simply by inserting something to hold it in place.

When I have it sitting on a still surface and I shake the surface slightly, the

inner tube sways in a pendulum motion.  It is very sensitive, as I type on my
keyboard I can see the inner brass  tube swaying in a circular motion.

The lable on the inside of the box reads as follows (and I'm guessing as the
handwriting is not clear)

Presented to

A.S.E Ackerman Esquire  (it could be Dr. S.E)
Horatio Nelsin Crelliun
June 1910

The lable on the outside of the box reads  H. England

The wooden box has a hinged lid, the hinges read P Moore  Patent #2

Thanking you in advance for your time and energy in looking at this mysterious

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie >>^..^<<


DGentry509@....... wrote:

> Paul, am trying to figure out what this unit is.
> Do you have it?   The paper looks like it says Dr. S.E. ............Esquire
> and the date June 1910
> Looks to me like a microscope of some sort and uses the 90 degree slanted
> slot for focus (depth adjustment) just like my router.
> I'm not able to get to anywhere past your initial web page index.
> Do you have dimensions?
> Was directed to your page by  a group of amateur seismologists.
> Thanks, Don Gentry

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