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Subject: [Fwd: Re: Antique Seismographs]
From: Steve Hammond Shammon1@.............
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 20:01:32 -0800

Hi there, thanx for the email.... okay the mystery item is as follows...

Made of brass, the main tube is 8inches long, it has three legs that unfold and
are independent of each other, I believe so it can be made level on any surface.

There is another brass tube suspended inside the main tube.  There are cross
hairs at the top, a rather thick metal cross with a conical type center.
the glass lens at the top is gimbaled.

The base of the inner suspended brass tube i silvered with etched concentric
circles. There is a slide lever on the outer tube to raise and lower the inner

When I have it sitting on a still surface and I shake the surface slightly, the
inner tube sways like pendulum and you can see how far it has moved by the rings
at the bottom.

The little window of curved glass slides up to give access to the area inside.

I really have no idea what this thing is!

The lable on the inside of the box reads as follows (and I'm guessing as the
handwriting is not so clear)

Presented to

A.S.E Ackerman Esquire
Horatio Nelson Crelliun
June 1910

The lable on the outside of the box reads  H. England

Thanx for any help you can give,

Cassie >>^..^<<

steve hammond wrote:

> Is there magnets or a compass inside it? Is that an eye cup in the top? What
> is in the lower window? a mirror?
> Please reply to the PSN-L@..............
> Regards, Steve Hammond PSN San Jose/Aptos California
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> Subject: Antique Seismographs
> >Anyone know what this is? Please CC the sender since they are not on the
> list.
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> >Thanks,
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> >-Larry
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> >>Subject: Antique Seismographs
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> >>Hi there.. enjoyed looking through your site today.
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> >>I have a mystery instrument, that I am guessing has something to do with
> >>seismology... if you could have a look and give me your opinion, much
> >>appreciated.
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> >>Thanx again
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> >>Cassie >>^..^<<
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