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Subject: Re: SDR and Replay Mode
From: barry lotz gbl@.......
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 18:11:36 -0800

 I have no (direct) problem saving an event that spans midnight (local time). I
just have to go thru a little more to do it. First I'm using V2.7. My usual
routine is to replay a time window which spans the event. I then go back and
save the same. The problem I encountered was when I tried to replay a time
window which spanned midnight the computer plotted the time til midnight and
then said "End of file-  Press esc to quit , S to save data, N for next day".
The S option gives an "err : unable to save data- press any key ". Only esc
works. The way I got around this was to -replay- a time window that stopped
before midnight( say only 10 min) so I didn't get that message, but -save- the
time window I desired (say 80 min).  I have the "UTC" offset set to -8. I don't
know if this has anything to do with it but  I can't seem to be able to free
enough conventional memory to run DOS while in SDR . It is perhaps that I am
running 5 channels @ 25 sps with a 5min save before and after the trigger. The
program is great as it is. I only brought it to you attention for your use.

Larry Cochrane wrote:

> Barry,
> The problem Meredith is having is he can't get the replay mode work at all.
> I just email him a list of instructions to try to debug the problem.
> SDR should be able to create an event file that spans over midnight but you
> can not create an event file longer then one day, or 23 hour 59 minute 59
> seconds in length.
> If you are having problems with creating a file the spans over midnight,
> either local or UTC, please let me know. This works fine on my SDR systems,
> but I run my systems on local time and supply a UTC offset. This problem
> may have to do with running the system on UTC time and setting the UTC
> offset to 0. So, if you run into this problem please let me know if you are
> running your system on local time or UTC time.
> -Larry Cochrane
> Redwood City, PSN


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