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Subject: Re: Measuring Time Delay
From: Arie Verveer ajbv@............
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 09:06:43 +0800

Hi Karl, I used a coil connected to a battery and switch, when the switch
was pressed it triggered a "CRO". After the  delay period the seismographs
output was measured directly on the "CRO". The coil was placed some 4 feet
from the seismograph, this gave the necessary mechanical force via the magnetic

pulse. The battery was 1.5 volts. The dampening adjustment was also set by
this method.


> SDR has a time delay parameter that can be entered for each channel, to
> compensate for time delay in the seismometer.  I'd like to make some
> measurements to be able to enter accurate values for these, and I'm curious
> how time delay of a seismometer is measured.  I can easily see how it could
> be done with a shaker table, but not having that luxury, what are some
> other methods?


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