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Subject: Lehman help
From: "JIM MARTIN" jdmartin@..............
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 23:31:29 -0500

Thanks to Jim and Kevin,  I now have a Lehman boom that is beginning to
behave correctly.  Thank you both for you help.

In measuring the 'period' of the boom,  is this the measurement of time it
takes the boom to swing "out and back", when pushed,  or the time it takes
for the oscillations to die out completely?  If I manually deflect the boom
~1" off of center,  is the period the time it takes the boom to come back to
center,  or the time it takes the boom to move out to one side and then
back past center to the other side?

I know these are VERY elementary questions for this list,  but hey, I've got
to start somewhere, don't I ?

My thanks in advance to anyone who wishes to help me out.

Jim Martin
New Haven, Indiana


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