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Subject: Lehman construction
From: "JIM MARTIN" jdmartin@..............
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 19:56:43 -0500


Well, things seem to be going along quite nicely,  but I think I've hit a
roadblock.  I can now setup the boom for a very repeatable 11sec period,
but I just can't seem to coax anymore out of it.  I've tried tilting the
base with the front screw and bringing the rear boom pivot point closer to
the vertical plane of the wire pivot.  Just doesn't seem to want to slow
down any more than about 11sec.

I am using a 1/2" dia.  threaded brass boom,  with a sharpened point on the
pivot end.  This point is pivoting in a VERY small dimple at the end of a
3/8" bolt.  I even tried applying a small amount of lube to the pointed
pivot,  in an attempt to reduce any friction.

Any suggestions?

Jim Martin


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