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Subject: Re: Measuring Time Delay
From: GeE777@.......
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 20:07:03 EST

In a message dated 1/10/00 12:00:31 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
ChrisAtUpw@....... writes:

>      Are you saying that a hydraulic shaker table can't be used to 
>  the overall response of a geophone?
>      I wasn't proposing to drop water or beads. Injecting one ml of water 
> into 
>  a li-lo cushion would move a geophone placed on top upwards by about 10 
>  microns. It can easily be made a lot less.  

I am not familar with a li-lo cushion.  Al I know is that the experiments I 
made at an oil company research center for years showed me that any motion 
made to a geophone recorded data from the surrounding enviroment.  We had a 
heavy cement shake table and kept recording reflections and refractions from 
the sides and bottom of the table.  Recording the step function response 
worked very well and was cheep to do.

George Erich
on the  +  side


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