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Subject: Re: Magnet Wire
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@.......
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 08:36:54 -0800

Paul --

I would try to use something smaller than 30 gauge wire.  I don't think you
can get enough turns of 30 gauge wire in a small enough size.  Something
like AWG 40 or 42 would be better.

As far as counting, how about rigging up a bicycle speedometer, using the
odometer part to count turns.  You probably can't count every turn, but you
may be able to get it within 50 or 100.

Karl Cunningham

At 10:56 AM 1/13/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Regarding  a Lehman seismometer:
>Is 30 gauge copper wire satisfactory for the coil, if so, how much
>should I use.  I plan to put the wire on with a drill, but counting the
>number doesn't seem possible.  The original design called for 400 ohms
>of resistance.  Can anyone speak to this issue?


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