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Subject: Re: Lehman construction
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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 20:07:50 EST

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<< Some smart person wrote:
 > I don't discount the gravitational attraction. G= 6.67x10^ -11 m^3 / Kg
 Let's not forget the amount of rain in the soil, the toxic waste dump in the 
back yard, the color of the cheese I'm eating, the phase and position of the 
moon, the astrological sign of the seismometers and it's builders, and the 
gas pressure inside the neon side on the far side of the moon. Yes I'm the 
silly one that put the sign there. Guess what it says? ;P 
    Thanks for the contribution "Greg"
    If you use G= 1.07x10^ -9 and put in pounds and feet, you will get the 
answer in poundals. I know it's a bit difficult, but do you think that you 
can cope with the arithmetic?


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