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Subject: Re: Lehman construction
From: Malcolm Purves malcolmp@..............
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 02:22:04 +0000

At 04:18 13/01/00 -0500, Tom wrote:
>My daughter's Lehman is on a pier cast atop what is either an immovable
>huge bolder or exposed bedrock in the root / wine cellar.
>Assuming identical detector,gain and filtration (they are) and only the
>difference in period, can you calculate the capacity of the oil truck?
>(ST, Give everybody else a day before posting the correct answer,

Hi Tom,
great post, interesting web page and entertaining question.
Many thanks for the good read and the info.

Being just a humble telecommunications engineer I got as far
as deciding on the leverage to your truck but then I got hung
up on the matter of the spring constant of your ground. :-(
I guess that comes out of the fact that the loaded tanker
was at the threshold in the noise of your short period
but way above the noise in your long period, but I am not
a seismologist, so I await with interest Sean-Thomas's input.

By the way, what is a root cellar ? :-( Not roots impinging from
that tree outside is it ?
I know about wine cellars.
SW England.


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