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Subject: Re: Data Acquisition
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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 19:56:05 -0700


I did get one of the free AD from Dataq.  The problem is that 8 bits is 
just not enough
for seismology purposes.  Also, the gain is low, so even for a seismology 
using a small geophone one would need an amplifier.   If you want to try it 
out, I'll
give it to you.

I've not tried out the diamagnetic carbon disks yet.  So many projects and 
so little time.


At 08:08 PM 1/14/00 , you wrote:

>Phil Giannini wrote:
> > Hi Gang,
> >    For those of you that were at the PSN December meeting... You might
> > remember the topic of obtaining a FREE data acquisition starter kit from
> > Dataq being tossed around. Well, I got another bingo card today with the
> > web address for obtaining a free kit. For those of you that might want
> > to try your hand at another approach to data gathering here is the
> > address for the free stuff:
> >
> >
> >                                                              FYI
> > Regards, Phil    SFN & Z
> >
>Hi Phil and others,
>I should make mention that this company primarily is courting
>the purchasing agents of companys, on the free kits, or is
>making an evaluation based on information that suggests the
>applicant has a position of enough stature to somewhat
>influence sales.
>I know, I tried to get success.  I'am not an engineer,
>purchasing agent, profession etc., etc.  This kind of set back is
>common unfortunately for those of us, without sufficient titles,
>or ownership to qualify.
>I think the correct address is:,
>but the original address will get one there.
>Take care,
>Meredith Lamb
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