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Subject: Re: Magnet Wire
From: barry lotz gbl@.......
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 19:22:00 -0800

2=A2 :    Regarding counting turns, I have a Radio Shack digital counter.=
has a 4 digit LCD display with reset etc. It counts contact between two
pins. I set ,securely, the counter on the bench. I attached one pin,thru =
wire to my vice. I secured the other pin via a wire to a wiper on the dri=
chuck. The drill was held horizontally in the vice with the spool in the
chuck. Each revolution of the chuck contacted the two wires an counted a
revolution. I ran several hundred turns when I constructed my LVDTS. I
haven't used the counter with the Lehman though. I just recorded the
overall DC resistance of the completed coil. I agree with Karl. Finer wir=
will result in a larger output. 36-40+ ga is good. I have tried to wind 4=
gage and found it very frustrating. I breaks easily and hard to solder wh=
broke. Patience is a good tool also. Keep the faith :)

Paul Jebb wrote:

> Gentlemen:
> Regarding  a Lehman seismometer:
> Is 30 gauge copper wire satisfactory for the coil, if so, how much
> should I use.  I plan to put the wire on with a drill, but counting the
> number doesn't seem possible.  The original design called for 400 ohms
> of resistance.  Can anyone speak to this issue?
> Yours truly,
> Paul Jebb


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