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Subject: Re: Magnet Wire
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Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 10:24:53 -0800

Hi Steve
   Thanks for the input. If I break a wire during winding I would try to "side
lap"  the wires and try to solder. I was always concerned about whether the
connecting was made. I had the beginning of the coil as one end for checking
continuity. I would then go away from the joint and bare ,with heat, the wire to
check for continuity.
   I have two types of magnet wire coatings, red and orange. The red appears to
be easily removed with heat. the orange is more difficult. Do you have and
suggestions on heat temp required for coating removal? I seem to remember it
being mentioned in the recent past. The reason I was having problems with
winding fine wire was one of two reasons. If one tries to allow the source spool
to turn then inertia  fluctuations from changes in rotational speed causes
breaking. Secondly if I let the wire feed off the end of a stationary source
coil then the wire seems to snag on adjacent windings of the source coil due to
the steep angle as it comes off the coil.

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