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Subject: updates and my move
From: "David A. Nelson" davenn@........
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 14:18:44 +1300

hi all,
            trust everyone's new yr is going well.  I'm winging it outta new
zealand again. monday 24th Jan  i will be flying to  sydney, australia,
looking for work and a new start.
             my e-mail addy will be   davenelson39@...........

 ok  2 additions to map and list and one update  have been done

Don Wheeler and   Brian Schavee    welcome to the group to both of u

Steve Hammond  i updated ur data too

New Zealand
Public Seismic Network
			Dave A. Nelson   ZL4TBN
			23 Duncan St.,   
			South Is.. New Zealand.   

IF there indeed are other parallel universes... I can now rest in the
knowledge, that in at least one of them, I am filthy rich and drive a red


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