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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 17:07:11 EST

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>> Why not use a Klein bottle to achieve infinite period? 
    You have lost me there. What is a Klein bottle? 
    Has it anything to do with the 'Happy Hour'?

>> Actually there is no problem. I am certain the effect I am seeing is in 
fact seasonal tilt due to the weight of the house and/or the beech tree. What 
I have now requires slight centring only twice yearly, which is pretty good 
for an instrument of such period....
    Great. It sounded pretty good to me too.... but it is an 'open loop' 
>> It is much simpler to use force balance/feedback techniques and get all 
the period you want.
    Agreed, but not everyone understands / is happy with the electronics 
involved. My wife is useless with a soldering iron.... It is difficult enough 
getting her to use a steam iron....
>> My principle reason for experimentation is to learn what is important and 
try to come up with something more realistic for the weekend mechanic 
accountant who wants to do something with his kid. 
    How about devising an auto-zero circuit for the seismometer, so that you 
never have to readjust it?
>> Nobody uses a pair of tin cans and a string anymore....
    Probably because they never did work well anyway....
>> They just go to radio shack and buy some walkie talkies.
    Which do work.... some of the time.... 
>> What happened to train sets?
    Plastic was invented, metal toys became 'collectors items' and they now 
cost a fortune....
    Like the fridge, but is it cool? Like the typical US citizen too. 
    Pass on his aerial farm.... 

    Regards Chris Chapman


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