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Subject: amazing picture
From: Joe Irvine jirvine@..............
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 18:39:51 -0800

Hi guys:
	Passing through the sound barrier. >> This is extraordinary photograph, a
once in a life time photo. Hope >> you >> enjoy. Every so often, just the
right combination of conditions and >> events occur to create an
unbelievable event-in this case an F-18 >> passing through the sound
barrier. >> >> Not only were the water vapor, density and temperature just
right, >> but there just happened to be a camera in the vicinity to capture
the >> moment. >> >> The F-18 is actually in transonic flight, with normal
shock waves >> emanating from behind the canopy and across the wings and
fuselage. >> >> The condition will last for only an instant, and once
supersonic flow >> exists completely around the aircraft, sharp-angled
sonic cones >> replace the normal shock waves. The odds of getting a shot
like this >> are staggering.
This is a little out of our territory, but as an old retired pilot I just

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