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Subject: Re: VBB Drawings
From: "Rex Klopfenstein, Jr." rklopfen@.........
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 22:45:41 -0500

I haven't had time to get to the electronics of the VBB.  I just changed jobs in
early December and just getting settled in.  I will take a look at my schematics
and get back to you.

barry lotz wrote:

> Hi Rex
>     I was reviewing your drawings and had a question about the bridge and
> subsequent circuit. STM's drawing shows the ref oscillator going into an
> inverting configured amp with gain of 100, followed by an inverting amp with
> gain of one. They both go into different pins of the demodulator. As I read
> your drawing ,  you have two inverting amps with gain of 100 connected to
> the bridge ends.  Is this equivalent? I don't know. It seems in your circuit
> that the two amps would have the same sign where in STM's circuit they are
> of opposite sign. Karl's lvdt demodulator( which I currently use) is more
> like STM's in that one uses the switch to selectively choose one signal or
> the other depending on sign ( a rectifier).
> Regards
> Barry
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Rex Klopfenstein, Jr.
Bowling Green, OH


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