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Subject: Re: Satellite re-entry to Seismic record
From: ajbv@............
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 19:20:14 +0800

Hi,  I asked around and nobody heard any sounds except an observer
in the north of the state who claimed to hear a "hissing sound".  This
type of comment does occur on some Fireball sightings.  But no rattling
of windows or the like.  So alas,  I'll just have to say the measured "noise"
at the time of satellite entry will be put in the Hmmmm basket.  I do agree
that the magnet effect is not really possible given the 1/r^3 decline in the
magnet strength with distance.  Anyhow  unit the next event.

Thanks to John Hernlund and Ken Navarre.


Ken Navarre wrote:

> On Sat, 29 Jan 2000 ajbv@............ wrote:
> > Apparently the object disintegrated in "mid-air" over the sea
> > approximately north of Kunnunura (near the border with the Northern
> > Territory). It was seen by people spread out about 2,000km across the
> > state. This is very unusual for a meteor as it suggests a 'grazing'
> > trajectory. We believe it was the entry of the  Molniya 1-67, a Russian
> > communications satellite that was launched in 1986.
> Was there a sonic boom associated with the reentry event?  If so, the
> "noise" you described could be related to that.  Several years ago when
> "AREA 51" in Nevada was an active source of classified aerial activity
> southern California seismometers tracked several events that
> seemed to be associated with high altitude sonic booms headed from
> out over the Pacific and flying toward the Nellis Test facility in
> the Nevada desert.  The booms left a "seismic footprint" across the
> seismic network.  I recall some work being done to determine the altitude
> and direction of travel of the aircraft that produced the sonic booms.
> There were several events like this that occurred over several months.
> No one stepped forward to claim responsibility and it was assumed that
> the booms resulted from the operation of some classified project at the
> test site.


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