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Subject: Re: Satellite re-entry, Infrasound, Magnetometers
From: ChrisAtUpw@.......
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 22:58:24 EST

In a message dated 03/02/00 01:03:51 GMT Standard Time, pho@........... 
<< Do you have a source for a microbargraph? Peter >>

    For a general review of Infrasound sources, applications and 
developments, see 
    There is an Infrasound detector described at which used an MKS 
Instruments Barotron Type 223 0.2 mm Hg detector. I can 
suggest some improvements.
    Arie has a prototype Infrasound detector on his site. I am also 
interested and have quite a lot of further info. I wasn't feeling very rich 

For magnetic fluxgate sensors, Arie reported :-
>>The design is based around the sensitive FGM-3 and FGM-3h sensor. They are 
good buy, around $40 US.

    Regards Chris Chapman


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