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Subject: Re: fluxgates vs Speake and Precision Navigational
From: Jim Hannon jmhannon@........
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 18:16:31 -0600

>This question stumped me.  Can you elaborate on what you meant by a
>parallel core design?  I have seen so many designs, some with multiple
>cores, I=92m confused just which one you mean.
>Charles R. Patton
Thanks for the info. The parallel core flux gate design (my name for it)
consists of two cores such as a rod or wire or strip of metglas. Each cor=
has a excitation winding. The two coils are placed in parallel inside a
overall sense winding. The excitation currents in the two coils are
arranged to produce cancelling flux in the sense coil. The signal from th=
sense winding is processed as usual.
Jim Hannon


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