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Subject: Gravimeter used as a vertical motion seismograph?
From: RLLaney@.......
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 12:07:23 EST

Hello all:

A friend who is interested in amateur seismology send me a copy of the 
article "Detecting Extraterrestrial Gravity" from the Amateur Scientist, 
Scientific American, January 2000.  The device measures the gravitational 
pull of the Sun and Moon and was built by Roger Baker of Austin, Texas who 
claims it cost less than $100 to build.  Baker originally designed the device 
as a vertical-motion seismograph.

My friend has two questions:

1)  Could this article be like the one describing the ADXL05 sensors in SA a 
couple years ago where the readers were mislead into believing that the 
sensors would work for detecting distant earthquakes, that is, another device 
that doesn't quite measure up as advertised?

2)  More important, could this device be modified back for use as a 
reasonable vertical-motion seismograph?

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has seen the article and/or is 
familiar with this device.

Bob Laney
Herndon, VA


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