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Subject: Re: Gravimeter used as a vertical motion seismograph?
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Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 17:54:23 EST

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>  (The last issue of SAS described a super-sensitive technique for the
>  detection of trace organics. My next 
>  Science Hacker column will be a description of progress in building an
>  amateur vibrating probe scanning microscope, using tiny mica flakes as
>  reflective cantilevers).

My method is trying to balance such things as heat and unwanted vibrations 
from geophones that do not have their coils offset by DC voltages by the 
geophone element with the offset coil.  This is simple and I have got it 
sensitive enough to observe earth tides.
I have eight patents for geophones or geophone testing equipment.  Most were 
patented during my occupation with an oil company rersearch department, so 
the patents belong to them.

I now would like to study the effects of local gravity changes as a possible 
precurser to local seismic events.

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