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Subject: GPS clocks
From: Phil Schmidt pgschmidt@...............
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 22:06:54 +1000

G'day all

I was out looking for GPS solutions to provide timing for my future seismic
station I can across a few possible websites. The main ones being -

Trimble offered something of particualr interest and that was the ACE II
starter kit information on this particular kit can be found at -

Or if your are starting and the main Trimble web page it is under Timing &
Products. There are other products in this page however this particular kit
caught my eye because of it's contents. I have not yet obtained the price
for this kit, if someone out there does happen to know please let me know.

The Garin website offered a few OEM solution these can be found at the
following seb site -

Another Excellent Web site I can across in my travels was the Datum Web
site -

a few pieces of equipment in here that might be of use one is the Starclock
and the other the PCI Time and Frequency processor.

Starclock info is at -

PCI T & F processor is at -

The Datum offered plenty of other products for GPS timing and the like as

Hope this information is of some use to others out there please let me know
if prices of any products are determined.

Philip Schmidt


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