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Subject: Re: Ranger seismometers for sale.
From: Edward Cranswick cranswick@........
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 15:54:58 -0700

Chris Sanders 
    I have just forwarded your message to the email listserver of one of the
Public Seismic Network websites .
    Good luck!

Chris Sanders wrote:

> Hi Ed,
> David Oppenhemier in Menlo Park gave me your e-mail address as a person who
> might be able to help me.  I believe that we may have met sometime in the
> past when I still worked in seismology.  Here's what I wrote to David:
> =======
> I have three Ranger seismometers (single component, 1 Hz, excellent
> condition, with adjustable legs, and carrying case) that want to sell
> at a half price and I am looking for contacts
> who might be interesting purchasing them.  Any leads you have will be
> appreciated (you can pass this email along to them).
> =======
> I would appreciate any information you might have about potential buyers.
> David said that you have contacts with the People's Seismic Network.
> Thanks,
> -Chris Sanders
> PS:  I was a research seismologist for many years, however recently I jumped
> into another field and am a Microsoft employee.  That's why I have the
> seismometers and why I have them for sale.

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