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Subject: Re: Radio Shack WWV Clock
From: Rick Bitto rbitto@...........
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 21:32:39 -0500

Larry Cochrane wrote:

> Rick,
> At 09:50 PM 3/6/00 -0500, Rick wrote:
> >Several months ago, I purchased a Radio Shack WWV clock with the intent of
> >sacrificing it to obtain timing signals for Larry's A-to-D board.
> >Unfortunately, I've grown fond of the device - it is the only clock in the
> >house that's accurate! (No one can set the clock 10 or 15 minutes early so
> >they can get to work/school on time)
> >
> >Has anyone fed the timing signal back into the display?  If so, could you
> >provide some details?
> The Radio Shack clock uses WWVB not WWV.  WWVB transmits on one frequency
> down at 60khz (I think). The problem with sharing the unit with the display
> and SDR is power drain on the batteries. The display turns the receiver on
> only when needed. SDR needs the receiver on all of the time. If you power
> the unit with something other then batteries you should be able to force
> the receiver on all of the time by grounding the PON line and sharing the
> output signal between the display and SDR.

You're undoubtedly right, the Radio Shack Owner's Manual should be corrected
because it reads -
"It automatically updates the clock setting by receiving a 60 kHz longwave radio
signal from station

I was planning to power the clock from the 5 VDC source on your A/D board
through the two
voltage dropping diodes.  If I left the receiver connected to the clock, is the
22K pull-up resistor
still required?  If so, should the resistor be connected to the 3.8 V line?

> >
> >I also just received my JDR Microdevices catalog and they are selling a WWV
> >receiver kit for $34.99.  Does anyone have experience with this kit?
> Sounds interesting. Can you post some more info on it like what frequency
> or frequencies it receives etc.
> -Larry Cochrane
> Redwood City, PSN


The information in the catalog is pretty sketchy.  It does say that it receives
the 10 MHz WWV signal.  It
has a built-in speaker and an audio output jack.  It also says that no tuning is
necessary.  It makes no mention
of any required antenna.  The catalog number is RK-HFRC-1.  An optional case for
the receiver is offered
for $14.99, catalog number RK-CHRFC.  I could not find these items on their web
page (



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