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Subject: Re: sensors needed
From: The Lahrs JohnJan@........
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 20:30:09 -0700

If the slide is very near you, then a small exploration geophone may 
do.  For this
you could try All Electronics
Call and ask, as they may not show up in the catalog.  800 826 5432

At 07:44 PM 3/9/00 , you wrote:
>I'm hoping someone can help me locate some real cheap or surplus 
>geophones. I'm on the Coast in
>NW Oregon. Lots of interesting movement nearby, but in small bits almost 
>unnoticeable except to
>the natives here. Unexplained slides occur often. I'm not rich, but I'm 
>sure hoping to set up a small
>homemade detector if I can get some help locating a few geophones.
>  A slide happened 2 years ago on the mountainside across the street. I 
> don't think thats the end of it
>either and I wanted to monitor its unseen movements.

John C. Lahr
1925 Foothills Road
Golden, CO 80402
(303) 215-9913


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