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Subject: Re: Hi all.
From: john c cole johnccole@........
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 22:33:14 -0600

 My name is John C Cole. I live in Houston Texas. Do not discard the idea
of building a Leaman detector. It does not have to be big and
conspicuous. I have built a mini Leaman and a mimi/mini Leaman . They are
in operation now and they work well.The mini/mini Leaman is about 14"
long , 8" high and 8"wide. It can be concealed anywhere. The geophones
are for local events but , even a mini/mini will pick up events from
around the world. A good detector that works well can be built for $65 to
$85 . 
  If you want more information on the construction of a good  Leaman ,
check these locations.    or at   
   ps- Plenty of pictures and information about our equipment  and
information on where to find more.
                                                    good luck  john cole

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