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Subject: R: Hi all.
From: "Giovanni Rotta" rottag@..........
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 07:05:14 +0100

Hi, Eric !
A warm welcome from the PSN Italian networks !
Giovanni Rotta

Giovanni Rotta
Via F. Pizzigoni, 10
33010 Resia (Udine) I
Lat. 46.368 N  Long. 13.299 E

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From: Eric D. Fehr 
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2000 3:55 AM
Subject: Hi all.

> I just joined the list on Sunday, and would like to briefly introduce
> myself, and ask for some input.
> I'm from Alberta, Canada, and will be moving to the Bay Area soon to work
> for SegaSoft (well, OK, I was supposed to move in November, but who ever
> said getting a work visa was easy.)  This move has prompted me to take a
> more active interest in seismic activities.  I now have an irresistible
> urge to build things seismic (to the disdain of my wife).
> I have enough of a history in electronics to build and circuitry, etc, to
> drive the hardware, but I am trying to decide what would be the best type
> of sensor equipment to use.  I wanted to build a Lehman sensor, but my
> vetoed it, due to size.
> Currently I am looking at possibly a geophone configuration, or a force
> balance accelerometer (if price is not prohibitive).  A SG seismometer is
> also a possibility (or a modified design that I have been working on in my
> head - I have a preference for non-RF electronics).
> Does anyone know an approximate price for a decent FBA sensor (1-3
sensor -
> I'm guessing mega $ here...)?  I have already contacted geospace for a
> quote on the GS-11 geophone, so I know what price range I would be looking
> at for that.  I could also try a few more local surplus stores, as seismic
> surveys are quite active throughout Alberta.  However, I have had no luck
> at any of these stores yet.
> I also have not seen any discussion anywhere on using an integrator in
> combination with a geophone.  I would think that a geophone -> preamp ->
> low pass filter -> high pass filter -> integrator -> amp arrangement could
> be fairly sensitive for low cost, but would like to know some opinions
> about if it would be worth trying?  If the high pass filter cutoff
> frequency were at aprox. 50-80% of the resonant frequency of the geophone,
> I would think that you could pull up low-end performance without inducing
> too much noise (from looking that the performance specs for the units).
> Well anyway, I seem to have rambled on enough for now, so till later,
> Eric
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