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Hello to the list.

I have a long-standing, latent interest in amateur
seismology which was recently awakened by and exchange with
a gentleman seeking information on communicating by
microcontrollers with a remote seismograph.

What follows is an extracted description of the history of
my interest that was taken from a recent exchange with a
fellow microcontroller designer.


Hi xxxxx --

Seismometry is a subject that has been dear to my heart for
many years.  I would be very interested in learning about
your unit.  Is it described in available literature
anywhere? Especially on the Web?.

Background --

My mothers sister married late in life to a very interesting
gentleman by the name of Mr. Elmer Rexin.  He was the plant
engineer at the Nunn-Bush shoe company in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin for most of his adult life.  Somewhere back in the
or thereabouts, the USGS was conducting water table surveys
of deep wells in the area and placed a float and drum
recorder in one of the deep wells in the Nunn-Bush factory. 
During the period of recording Uncle Elmer noticed that
certain anomalous squiggles on their recordings corresponded
to major seismic events that had made the news at the time. 
After the USGS packed up their equipment and left, my Uncle
built an improved, much more sensitive recorder and, with
the blessing of Nunn-Bush, proceeded to monitor the
disturbances.  The correlation with seismic activity was
immediately evident and the instrument proved to exhibit
exceptional sensitivity.  This phenomenal well has been
investigated by various scientists and a theory of operation
was formed.  It was hypothesized that the deep well had
tapped into a large underground cavern of water and the well
casing behaved as the tube of a very large inverted syringe
- thus amplifying the slightest disturbance in bed rock

The work has been written up in various journals,
unfortunately I cannot remember any of the references. 
Somewhere at my family home in Illinois there are dozens of
rolls of paper with pen squiggles on them marking various
events over the years.  They were salvaged by my family
after my Aunt and Uncle passed away in the '80's.


I am making this posting in hopes that someone here on this
public network may
know of this work and can point me to any of the reports
that were published in
the past.

	Many thanks and good squiggles to all,  Bob Smith


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