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Subject: Re: CNSS Update
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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 12:59:40 -0700

    Are you aware of the San Jose Array that Art Frankel has been spear-heading
for the last couple of years? It is unprecedented in the view that it provides
of the actual propagation of ground motions -- and Art has done a brilliant job
of giving us this vision .
    However it lacks any significant contact with the people in whose homes
 we have installed the Web sensors of
ground motion (K2's) -- I don't believe they have even been informed of the
websites above. These people represent the tip of the iceberg of a constituency
of concerned and committed citizens and residents who would actively support
NEHRP goals and funding programs. They provide the USGS with a direct contact to
the people who are most connected with the data we are recording -- it is
essential to involve them as partners in the our earthquake monitoring programs.


"Heaton, Thomas" wrote:

> Ed,
> Thanks for the comment.  Dave is indeed an important person to ANSS.
> Dave is a very active participant in the TriNet project and his
> work has been important to forming the goals of ANSS.  I'll discuss
> with Lucy Jones (his supervisor) the issue of whether or not to
> try to get Dave more involved in the management of ANSS.
> Tom Heaton
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> Tom-
>     I think that Dave Wald is the single most important person for the
> useful
> development of ANSS because he is the one working to develop an active
> feedback
> relationship  with the
> ultimate users of the groundmotion recorded where people live -- the people
> themselves.
>     I see that Dave Wald has not been included as a participant in the ANSS
> planning and that is a serious oversight if you are seriously planning to
> make
> this project relevant to the Internet citizens of seismogenic regions who
> are
> already more connected with each other and with what is shaking than we are.
> -Edward

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