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Subject: Accelerometer update
From: barry lotz gbl@.......
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 06:17:51 -0800

Hi All
   Well it's nice to occasionally have the math work out. I have been
running a small vertical accelerometer for a few weeks now and I
recently got a response from the 7.7 Volcano Isl. event. Using the
equation Sean Thomas posted 11/99:
   A=T*10^[Ms-1.66*log(dist)+0.18] and multiplying by 2*pi*f twice to
get acceleration  I came up with an event P-P acceleration of 0.0000106g
@ 20 sec. My sensor has a sensitivity of about 4.6E-8g/cnt. Using this I
come up with a P-P response of about 250 cnts. The record corresponds.
I'll post it and the SMT8 style vertical response, which was just at the
clip level.


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