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Subject: Re: extending Geotech 210 or 220 to a BB Sensor?
From: Jim ODonnell jimo17@........
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 21:08:31 -0800

Sean- I enjoyed your comments on the 'baby' Benioff...

Geotech 210 and 220:
I have 3 complete sets of the Geotech 210 & 220 seismometers, T is
adjustable maybe 5-20s.  A set being 2H's(220?) and a Z (210, I think). 
I just installed a set, at UNLV (using Larry's filt/amp and 16 bit A/D)
all set about T=15s.  I hope to set up 6 individual components in 6 high
schools in the next 6 months.  Would it be practical or even possible to
convert one to a BB sensor?  Any comment on this seismometer would be
appreciated.... Jim

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