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Subject: Re: Big Quake
From: John Hernlund hernlund@.......
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 12:24:01 -0700 (MST)

On Sat, 1 Apr 2000 twleiper@........ wrote:
> Did anybody get a good trace on the mag 8.9 KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION event
> this morning?

I haven't checked anything yet, but I was unable to find any reference to this
event on the web.  An 8.9 will be picked up by EVERYONE on the entire planet
very strongly. In fact, the Earth would be oscillating for days after such a
strong event in the low frequency modes.  You might also expect strong
tsunamis and other damage.  Are you certain it was 8.9???  Where can I find
more info???

John Hernlund
E-mail: hernlund@.......



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