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Subject: Fwd: Geomagnetic activity
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Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 17:47:27 -0600

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>Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 16:22:41 -0600
>From: "Donald C. Herzog" 
>Subject: Geomagnetic activity
>April 6,2000
>Team members:
>Sorry for the late notice, but we had a interplanetary shock wave hit late
>this morning with an accompanying sharp increase in the solar wind
>velocity, and a corresponding sharp increase in geomagnetic activity. The
>magnetic field continues to be disturbed, and there could be aurora visible
>at mid-latitudes tonight.
>Attached is a graphic showing the location of the aurora as of about 4 pm
>local (Denver) time today. Red indicates intense auroral displays. You can
>see that northern Russia and the Scandinavian countries are having auroral
>sightings right now, and as it stands, it is likely that this will expand
>into the northern US as we pass into the night. The best time for viewing
>is around midnight, and look to the northern horizon.
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