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Subject: Nerdess's in the PSN
From: Edward Cranswick cranswick@........
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 04:11:44 -0600

    When I made that remark about the members of the Public Seismic
Network (PSN; see, e.g., ) largely consisting of
men escaping into the garage from their wives, children, and families
(an observation originally made by my friend, Benjamin Gardner, a USGS
Volunteer for Science who did alot of work with the PSN in the early
1990's), I was not being mindlessly sexist. Over the last decade, I have
kept my eye out for the appearance of women in the international group
of amateur and not-so-amateur seismologists which now numbers over 300
members worldwide; but, unfortunately, most of them so far have been
nerds, not nerdess's.

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