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Ted, I have found in my seismic studies that a very stable power supply,
coupled to a battery bank, and utilizing a sola ac power line regulator
leads to stability in the calibration, and operation of the system. It
provides on line time during power outages. RF shielding around the seismic
sensors removes transient EMF impulses. Computers are noisy and produce
various intensities of RF noise depending on how hard they are running, more
input and computing time means more  RF noise. 
Optical fiber line with Photo Electronic coupling is useful over long runs.
Build a system like this, install the sensors in a RF screen room, calibrate
and collect data.
Justify the expense as a tornado shelter. Buy a new fly rod and go fishing,
camping and trekking with the whole household.

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> For years my plan has been that when the seismic station is online,
> recording and stable I will be able to leave the basement and go off to
> the
> mountains to fish, camp and trek, knowing that I'll capture any quakes
> that
> happen while I'm out there in the countryside doing healthy things.
> Unfortunately these three characteristics have never occured at the same
> time.  :-(
> However I am now offering at a reduced rate to PSN members large
> lithographs of natural scenes to place in your basement or garage.  Throw
> in a StairMaster and you won't hardly know the difference.
> Regards, Ted
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