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Subject: RE: Anatomy of Seismograms
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Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 22:54:52 -0300

I would love to have a copy, but how do I get the $5 to you.  It will cost 
me $4 to buy a bank draft.  It is still a LOT less than $65.  Would you 
happen to be coming to Bermuda soon?

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E-bay had a copy of "Principles Underlying the Interpretation of
Seismograms", U.S. Dept. of Commerce Special Publication 254 (revised 1966
edition) for sale a few months ago.  I think it went for about $65.
However since the publication is out of print, the winning bidder was kind
enough to send me a xerox copy of the book.

If anyone on our list would like a copy of this document (about 50 pages),
send me $5 to cover copying and shipping costs and I'll be glad to make you
a copy.  Address is 238 Highland St., Portsmouth, NH 03801.

Regards, Ted


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