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Subject: Re: Nordic's in the PSN
From: Edward Cranswick cranswick@........
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 15:25:50 -0600

Victoria & Steve-
    I acknowledge your corrections.

    Of course, I see that the Earth, Gaia, is feminine, so that women tend to
know what's going on anyway -- while men are busy putting instruments together
to try and find out.

Steve Hammond wrote:

> Hi Ed, -- sorry, but I think we had some really excellent Nerdess's in
> the group in the early days. While Ben was correct, the original six
> (Bruce, Al, Pete, Jan, Dick, and myself) consisted largely of men
> escaping into the garage to hack on their seismographs… it would be
> incorrect to represent the PSN as being void of women involvement during
> the first few years of existence. Need I remind you of the role that
> Dorothy Darby played in getting the PSN in Pasadena up and running or
> the results her actions had after relaying critical life saving
> information by radio during the early hours of the Northridge
> earthquake. Also, remember that in 1992 Carol Taylor at Anderson
> Elementary in San Jose had her fifth grade class on-line daily to the
> BBS in San Jose as they studied seismology and plate tectonics. Carol
> spent many of her own hours getting prepared to tech that initial group
> of students.
> Regards, Steve Hammond PSN Aptos, California
> Taylor, Victor wrote:
> >
> > Go fishing, camping and trekking for your private time....Victoria

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