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Subject: seismometer info
From: S-T Morrissey sean@...........
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 14:22:25 -0500 (CDT)

Oben, Oquz, and company,

Regarding your request for general information about seismometer
design and engineering: recently Brett Nordgren posted the urls of
revised articles by Erhard Wielandt, who is one of the pioneers of
broadband technology. The articles cover similar material in a quite
generalized review. But perhaps the greatest value in them is the
bibliography included with each, particularly the /hbk_html/... 
article. This list includes the full reference information for 
important technical articles by Peterson, Rogers, Aki and Richards, 
Riedesel and co., as well as the classics by Agnew, Benioff and 
Press, and LaCoste, to name a few.

look at:

Also, regarding the Lehman design specifically, the PSN maintains
an archive of the many discussions about its design and performance,
as John Lahr has pointed out.

I have not been particularly involved with the Lehman discussions
because it is a horizontal sensor with inherent limitations in
what earthquake waveforms it is sensitive to (limited P-wave use)
and its' generally order of magnitude greater sensitivity to tilt
noise of the pier. I encourage everyone to build vertical sensors.
The Wielandt articles do address the noise problems with a long 
period or broadband horizontal sensor. Look at the referenced papers
by Rogers for more complex equations and functions.


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