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Subject: Re: DSL
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@.......
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 10:40:15 -0700

Zonealarm is great (and I use it), but it doesn't work with a NAT system
such as Win98SE's Internet Connection Sharing or Sygate unless you set its
Internet security level to medium.  But doing that doesn't protect you
against incoming attacks from the Interent.  On NAT systems, I use a
combination of Zonealarm (to protect against trojans trying to talk out)
and BlackIce ( to protect against incoming attacks.

I've done quite a bit of network setup at home and work, including DSL,
hardware and software firewalls, using ICS, Sygate, and Wingate, hubs,
routers, etc.  I'm happy to share my experiences with anyone.


At 07:56 PM 5/24/2000 -1000, you wrote:
>Checkout  A superb and free software firewall.
>should have one who connects to the internet, even with a modem.


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