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Subject: Re: SDR Question
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@.......
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 16:32:55 -0700

A couple of thoughts:

I don't know how much changed during the reconfiguration, but it sounds
like you may have a driver loaded in the computer that shouldn't be there.
Check to see if there is anything in your config.sys or autoexec.bat files
that wasn't there before.  Sometimes, in the process loading software,
drivers get inserted in these files without your knowledge.

Also, make sure the network is operating properly.  And try disabling
network support.  If the network isn't responding, there may be a delay
until something times out.


At 07:12 PM 6/5/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Larry or anybody else--
>I have just re-installed Win95 and SDR Rv2.7 (had a hard drive crash!).
>I am now running OK except I seem to experiencing a pause about every 30
>seconds for about 7-9 seconds.  After the 7-9 second pause, the graph
>'catches up' along with the time readout.  I don't remember this
>behavior before!
>I am running a 486/66 using your instructions to invoke DOS.  I am
>sampling at 25/s.  I am connected to my server via a network card.
>Actually my SDR computer is connected to the server via dedicated
>network card.  I ran this setup prior to the disk crash.
>Any ideas!!!
>Rex Klopfenstein, Jr.
>Bowling Green, OH
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